About WichCraft

A company passionate about providing secure communications in complex environments

We provide secure, compliant communications to government, law enforcement, armed forces and approved government contractors.

How often is sensitive information delayed by the inability to communicate openly and securely when the need is here and now?

No longer.

WichCraft Secure is an encrypted smartphone solution that allows meaningful confidential conversations, direct texting and sensitive image transfer – at any time, from anywhere and from any smartphone. It was designed for, and is exclusively available to, government, law enforcement, armed forces and government-approved contractors.

We provide a secure solution that complements secure email and radio, which often struggle with the flow needed for rapid information collection to support complex problem solving in today’s fast-time law enforcement and intelligence environments. WichCraft Secure is the first and only solution that provides the usability, control and highest levels of protection required in those environments.

WichCraft Secure is based on proven technology developed by SaltDNA, a leader in encrypted mobile communications solutions for enterprise. It enables faster, more informed decision making that ultimately reduces risk and supports better outcomes.

Law Enforcement
Armed Forces
Government Contractors

Our Team

The WichCraft team consists of former senior intelligence and counter-terrorism specialists, with collectively more than 100 years of strategic, tactical and operational experience. We have done what we talk about.

Based on our experience, WichCraft Secure and its operational utilities have been heavily tailored to meet the needs of covert and overt operations. We not only offer the solution, but also provide inclusive consulting for configuration and utility to maximize security, operational effectiveness and value.