WichCraft Secure

Secure mobile voice, text and image transfer from your smartphone

The only secure communications application with emphasis on command and control, covert operations and crisis management


Built for today’s fast-moving law enforcement and intelligence operations.

WichCraft is an encrypted mobile communications solution – for secure voice, text and image transfer – that works on any iOS or Android smartphone.

  • Complete protection against communications intercept in day-to-day intelligence and covert operations
  • Enables a rapid flow of secure information in complex command-and-control and crisis environments.

The Solution

WichCraft Secure consists of the WichCraft Secure Mobile App and the WichCraft Secure Manager, a web-based management portal – both are optimised for security services.

WichCraft Secure Mobile App

  • Secure voice, text and image transfer
  • Easy to download and to use on any iOS or Android smartphone
  • Highest grade encryption, highest level of protection
  • Special features for covert use

WichCraft Secure Manager

  • Complete, centralized control over who uses the secure network – and who is authorized in specific groups
  • Easily configured to save encrypted comms for accountability and audit compliance
  • Granular visibility into usage and activity
  • Multi-factor authentication for administrators

Secure Deployment

Another layer of protection

The WichCraft Secure solution can be installed and run within an agency’s own secure infrastructure.

Available on Any iOS or Android Device

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is common in today’s business environment, and WichCraft eliminates the need for any additional hardware: users can have the app deployed directly on their own iOS or Android device and instantly begin communicating securely.